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In Design Alchemy we take a peek behind the veil of the design industry and break down complex topics as well as examine, discuss and deconstruct the Great Work of visual communication and symbolism, and how they affect our culture.

We're drawn to the complex, the nuanced, the less talked about & the more unknown parts of the design industry. 

We aim to take the path less wandered and our Opus Moderandi is Against The Grain.

Join us on a journey off the beaten track and on a path less taken - but far more interesting and rewarding.

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EPISODE I - The Great Emancipation

How has the widespread democratization and affordability of design software impacted the industry globally? Where does design stop and is there a class of ‘design-adjacent’ and rote workers?

Is there such a thing as The Design Proletariate?

What is ”The Great Design Emancipation”? Is this divide creating a larger gap between "Getting paid to design” and “Getting paid to think”?

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EPISODE II - Design School or Designer School?

In episode II we're diving in deep and discuss things like what were the most valuable things you got in design school?

Are we being taught to ”design” or to become ”designers”? Is there a difference, and if so, why?

What challenges are facing the conventional design education system and what’s brewing on the horizon? What are the intellectual and academic expectations that we have from the design space?

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EPISODE III - The Rise Of The Design Proletariate

What is the role of project-bidding platforms like Upwork or Fiverr in developing masses of underpaid designers? Is there such a thing as cheap clients?

Can we use technology to influence the balance between the design proletariat and the bourgeoisie? Do we, as a community, shame designers that focus on craft?

Who profits from the Great Design Emancipation?

Are the solutions going to come from within the design community?
And what exactly is "The Design Proletariate"?

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EPISODE IV - The Blanding Paradox

In Episode IV we discuss Bland Strategy and the "Blanding Paradox"

What is happening to fashion brands all over the world
? Why does Celine, Saint Laurent & Balenciaga, to name just a few, all happen to re-design their logos with sanserif helvetica-esque typefaces at the same time? 
What are we sacrificing with the current trends in Brand Identity Design? And what is Blanding, really? 


Is the cultural stagnation temporary? Where can we find more meaning?


Design Alchemy is published on a bi-weekly basis and is available on most podcast providers and platforms. We aim to be partly provoking, partly unexpected & partly nuanced with a focus on long-form content - as we believe that there is an urge to partake in longer & more nuanced discussions in the design space.