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I also love doing side projects, check out some of my personal work

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Empower users to take charge of their digital life through the power of in-app account sharing - without exposing their passwords or compromising their digital identity.


Addressing awareness & conversion in the ever more competitive market of Internet of Things & Smart Devices with Vodafone’s new venture - V by Vodafone.


Tapping into the inherent potential of A/B testing, UX micro copy & Visual Design as a tool to mediate product clarity.

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Revamping the gallery experience with the users in the driver’s seat.


Utilising the power of audio and interactivity to facilitate a more engaging gallery experience with a focus on deepened learning.

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Introducing the new Wagestream overdraft feature - Utilising User Centered Design principles & task driven on the go design patterns optimised for speed.


Tapping into the potent intersection of where visual design meets user centric problem solving.

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Bringing a heritage bookstore online through the power of user-centred design, emotional appeal & imaginative 

branding at the intersection of UX strategy and

visual design.

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Crafting user-centred experiences at one of London’s leading deep-tech B2B SaaS startups & empowering users to take charge in the emerging ethical data economy.

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As a UX design practitioner, I’m on a quest for continuous learning, and a crucial part of that has been together with the Interaction Design Foundation.

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